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Meet your new SaaS copywriter

About Me…

My name is Charlotte. I’m a former SaaS marketing manager turned freelance copywriter and content writer. But enough about me, for now. Here’s a question for you…

Are you tired of struggling to generate leads and acquire new customers?

Are you frustrated that your content (which takes hours to create) doesn’t resonate with your target audience, let alone convert?

I can help you…

Generate more brand awareness. More traffic. More leads. More customers. More MRR. It’s that simple.

Since 2017, I’ve written copy and content for businesses big and small, helping them to acquire BIG customers like Travelodge, Centrica, and American Dairy Queen.

Ready to start seeing results like that?

The (slightly) longer story…

I earned a BA in English with Creative Writing from the University of Hull in 2012. After realising that I might not have a novel in me (yet!), I completed a graduate traineeship at Manchester Metropolitan Library – which is where I found a love for marketing, advertising and product writing oddly enough. After studying for a PGCE, I finally realised that a career in copywriting was the right thing for me, so I started freelancing and grew quickly, working with big brands such as George at Asda, as well as a number of smaller businesses and fellow freelancers.

Since then, I have held a number marketing related posts, including SEO copywriter and digital marketer for an agency and in-house Marketing Manager for a B2B SaaS startup in the HR Tech field.

Now, I am a full time freelancer offering SaaS specific copy and content writing services to businesses of all shapes and sizes who are hyper focused on growth.

When I’m not writing, strategising or developing my skillset, you’ll either find me reading, running (slowly), practicing yoga, or spending quality time with my daughter and husband.


Not all copywriters have experience in SaaS. Using my 2 years of experience in a high-growth SaaS startup, I will hone in on the most effective areas and supercharge your copy and content to generate more leads, more conversions, more customers and more MRR.


Many of my clients are those that I started working with more than four years ago. They stick with me because I know what works, that I always deliver on brief and on time, and I can get them results fast.

Highly Skilled

Writing is my jam. It’s my life blood. And writing as a form of marketing is my passion. Put these two things together and you’ve found yourself a secret weapon that you can use to squeeze more out of your marketing channels and get the results you need.

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